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Bitcoin Breaks The "Milkshake Theory" Final Straw and Stops The Border Crisis Across The World

Most people approach a problem by looking at its effect and yell at it hoping it fixes itself, while others look for the causes and fix it. We are going to look at the causes of the border crisis in the US and hopefully offer a real practical solution. 

  People across the world are hopeless and desperate, they look at countries like USA as the "promised land" and they will do whatever it takes to get there. For them it doesn't matter if you call them illegals they just want to live and they are tired of watching others stealing everything from them after working for years to have what they had. The 1% in the US who controls the money printer deprives their countries from everything through the "milkshake theory" process, hence gangs and the gov of their country deprive them from their wealth and everything else they had.

   When US central bank and its banks print money it doesn't just impoverish people in the US who use the USD but most importantly it kills people across the world, the poorest get hit the hardest, bc USD is the world reserve currency.

    Thank God for Bitcoin that fixes this massive issue by breaking the final straw of The "Milkshake Theory". Everyday Bitcoin exist and keep operating as a proof of work money it's cutting that evil pipe that's sucking the life blood of all humans across the world(Americans included) to satisfy the money printers in the US, some slowly some faster the evidence is in the border.

If the world has a reserve currency that nobody can print then it levels its playing field, and opportunities can be found anywhere. Bitcoin is money without a printer but hard working people who love to work for what they earn.


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