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Top Secret Ways To Stack Sats and Bitcoins With No Money In The Bank And No Cash in Your Pocket

    No money? No problem, I will show you how to stack your first Sats like a psychopath.  You might have heard that saying around the Bitcoin circles "Sack Sats Stay Humble", but how are you supposed to buy bitcoin if you're struggling to buy gas in this expensive world?  Well you're 100% right about that, and this is why we are not going to play big here, no we are not getting a hole bitcoin right now but we are simply going after a few Sats, and if Bitcoin is really absolute scarcity we might have a slim chance to make our dream come true and be able to afford much more than just fuel.  Back in the days when bitcoin was in the 10cents a coin there used to be sites called "Bitcoin Faucet" where you could go to and do some puzzle logins to receive some bitcoins, of course this was from the early adopters who wanted to spread Bitcoin adoption amongst more people, but now those bitcoin are worth multiple thousands of dollars heading to millions in the future at least that's what others think. But now Sats are the new bitcoins, it's no longer given away but you don't have to be a genius to get them easily.  Side note, "Sats" or "satoshis" are small units of bitcoin, one bitcoin is equal 100,000,000 Sats, just like 1 dollar is worth 100 Cents.  So one Million Sats is worth 0.01 times the current value of one bitcoin in USD term.  Now, let's go put our hands on some Sats.

   One of the easiest way to stack Sats is on, just like the name says, it's like a news platform where you can report pretty much anything that might be import to someone else and if people find value in your post then you know your first Sats are guaranteed.  You can also publish your own ideas, Bitcoin questions or your documentations on a domain you really know about, the more profound and interesting it is the more Sats you will get. I myself @piecover have stacked over 81,000 Sats since I started using it in Nov 2023, that's 0.00081 bitcoin and it's only that much because I am not using it extensively, I also donate back a lot of that online to support a lot of other Bitcoiner content creators and Bitcoin merchants.  But is not the only place to stack sats.

   Head on to Nostr, Nostr stands for Notes and Other Stuff Over Relays, but that's not what this post is about today, we want to put our hands on some Sats.  First you're going to create a Nostr account using any Nostr app like: Amethyst or Primal or Damus or Iris or any other Nostr client out there, it doesn't matter which one you pick because you will be able to move around with your Public and Private Key taking all your posts with you.  When you get on Nostr, start doing the same thing you would do on Twitter(X) or facebook but better and you will start getting rewarded in Sats for your valuable posts and insightful ideas.

   Once you start getting your feet wet on stacking Sats using those kinds of ways then you may want to acquire bigger amount on exchanges or just by selling things you don't need for Sats, working extra hours is also a great way and by doing some side hustle like lawn mowing, handy work, or some online gigs, this is by the way the case for a lot of Bitcoiners I know, you will get a lot more Sats working an extra hour at your job than most strategies that's just the fact as of today. But look, Bitcoin is proof of work, if you do enough work either by being online or in person it doesn't matter as long as you put it in Bitcoin it will always be a wise decision over the long term, just because the sats will only go up in value. I will explain more into that in deferent post. But for now just remember,  in order to hold on to your Sats for the long run you also need to keep working or providing value to the society otherwise you will keep spending them.
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