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How To Give The Christmas Gift That Will Never Stop Giving

  Money that loses value overtime like fiat currencies cannot possibly make you happy but money that gains value overtime could probably make your friends or family happy. This Christmas season we are going to think outside the bank to give them the gift that will never stop making them smiling, Sats aka bitcoin.

  Basically, Sat is like the penny(¢ cent) of bitcoin a fraction of it, like 100millionth of a bitcoin, but its value still goes up overtime alongside bitcoin. So now we want to give a Christmas gift to a friend who want it to maintain or even increase in value overtime. Here is how we can do that

  First of all we are going to use this website called click on create your first gift, it will ask you to login you can use your email or your bitcoin-lightning wallet for that like walletofsatoshi. Assuming you're already logged-in let's go to "create first gift". Simply chose the amount and then go down to "advanced options", leave it at the "standard option" and then click on "generate passphrase" this will make you 3 secret words that the recipient will need to redeem the money. And that should be it, congratulations! Now you just gave the gift that will never stop giving.

  The redeeming process is as simple, they just need to download a lightning wallet I suggest WalletOfSatoshi because of less friction and very easy to use.

Video For Visual Learners

I Hope you found value into this, thank you for reading!


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