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How The Banks Enslave The World Under Massive Fake Debts

    We live in a fake world enslaved under the bankers fiat debt that is the cancer rotting all our societies across the world today. Fiat Money(Government issued money by force) isn't based on anything real but only falsehood of trust, credits and debts spread across the banking systems and the central banks. Most central banks and banks are insolvent that's why they need to print(or debassing) more of their currency to keep their system from collapsing or keep the ponzy going.

  The digital numbers on your bank account screen isn't real money and it is not yours neither you only have a limited access to it if you follow the rules, pay the high fees and manage to never say the wrong things, so you basically have right to text it to someone else in a very limited amount if the bank let you, and there is nothing real backing those digits equally to your hard work spent to obtain them.

   Those numbers on your bank account are not real money but just debt taken by your government that ended up replicated by your bank through more debt and credits or in other words they priduce fiction fractional reserve numbers. The banks can create their own fake digital money from nothing for doing nothing and give it to someone who is working as a form of chequing account, credit card debt(22% interest) or a car loan(20% interest) or a mortgage you spend your whole life serving. So you go to work giving your valueble time and energy to pay the bank 22% interest for a money they get to counterfeit for free out of nothing, and simultaneously debasing the wealth and wages of everyone else who is using that currency to receive income or savings to make them poorer.


    The banks don't even have enough paper money in their ATMs to pay back everyone their money, it's a fiction called (IOU) based on fractional reserve banking which basically the bank leveraging their very little reserve 100 to 1 or even more, there is no reserve requirement anymore. If there is a run on the bank today, people who get their money out of the ATM first get to eat and everyone else starves to death, but it doesn't really work that way since the money isn't real the government will be the fairy tale saviour who will print so much more money like a mad man to save the bank to keep the illusion of stability so the scam can keep on going. Because the big banks become so big they are no longer allowed to fail no matter rekless they with your money. The gov will print to save the banks because they own the gov and the regulators. Make sens right, since they have a monpoly on printing unlimited amount of money for themselves why not buy the gov and the central bank, thus these things solely work for the big banks, that's why they are not allowed to fail.

    Moreover the government is also issueing more fiat money(through gov. donds: promess to never pay back in the future) by taking on more debts, since the economy is not strong enough to produce enough revenue to cover their expenses on wars and other pet projects, the gov is forced to print more money to increase broad money supply and use it. But as you might have guess this is making everyone who is using that money for wage earning poorer since there are now too much of that money circulating in the economy thus "inflation". 

  We talked about the banks enslaving the people with debt but what about the neocoloniolism of the big central banks on the smaller countries? Well they found a way to enslave smaller countries without a physical chain but with debt chains. I will give you that billion dollar loan I printed out of nothing on the highest interest rate I can find, I will force you to do as I say such as: keep your people impoverished by printing your local currency to pay me interest, do not export your local products but import what you need from this specific country that I already have a deal with, elect this person who agrees with my rules of control, this was the central bank of the central banks talking(the IMF). That's the way the world works for decades now.

 What's the fix? 

  Very good question but before we start talking about the solution we needed to first understand the nature and the gravity of the problem. The bank was supposed to be a neutral institution that provides a simple service to their customers "holding gold money reserves" since gold couldn't scale enough to facilitate money transfers and global trade. But the banks abuse their power of holding other people money such that they become oppressive and arrogant to a point where they are limiting you on your own money you let them hold for you. But the worse of it all they are so over leveraged the entire economy becomes super fragile and dependent of the debt to keep on growing. That's while "deflation" is almost impossible, which would be the normal state of the economy where prices come down over time as technology makes things cheaper. So the more things would be cheaper for and me the more they printing money to keep prices the same or higher. And if the prices go down the entire ponzy collapse thus they won't let it happen, until we have a better system "Bitcoin" in my homble opinion Bitcoin is our best shot to put an end to this ponzy scheme.

  Bitcoin is digital hard money so you need to spend a lot of time and energy to receive it. It's impossible to create bitcoins for free. Its issuance is set in time and it difficulty increase overtime as demande increase. Since Bitcoin is digital it can be subdivide in infinite small fraction(Sats) to accommodate everyone in the economy and it does not require counterparty risk like a big bank to hold it for you but you simply need to secure 12 words. You can send it at the speed of light to the other side of the world so no need for the fed wire transfer that takes days to clear.

  The way Bitcoin fixes this is by allowing everyone the oportunity to save in a money they can hold themselves that does not lose value overtime through government and banks obsessive money printing, bu Bitcoin put an end to the money theft by having only 21Million bitcoin to ever exist till the end of times.

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