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How Does It Feel To Lose Everything In Hyperinflation?

 How Does It Feel To Lose Everything In Hyperinflation?

 Hyperinflation is the process through which the money you are using is becoming worthless in the blink of an eye, meaning everything you used to be able to afford such as: food, fuel, water, clothing become unaffordable in a very short amount of time. This means all the savings you have had throughout your entire life just got obliterated. Obviously this is not funny stuff, in some cases this is a matter of life and death because we can only stay alive for a short amount of time never eating or drinking, and in a hyperinflationary zone food and water are very scarce. This may sound like it can never happen in your country, your leaders have been insuring you that you will be just fine, it's a nothingburger! Giving you can see the drastic rising prices, you intuitively know that these people are running off-key and it is painful to hear these false sense of security announcements. So it make sense to have an idea how it feel like to lose it all in hyperinflation so you can prepare accordingly.

How Does It Feel To lose it all?

Well, it definitely does not feel good when you cannot feed yourself or your family in any giving day. Specially if you were unprepared or unaware of what was going on. So it make sense to educate yourself about the state of your currency or economy and learn about inflation hedges to protect yourself and your family. If you find value in this post please take a minute to lightning tip me a few sats

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Here is how much paper cash that was required to buy this much tomatoes in the Venezuela hyperinflation. 
The problem is that too many people think they will have time to prepare, this will make things even tougher for the ones who are preparing now,  but is the scale of which things will change. We have been living in high inflationary environment 

What Is The Best Inflation Hedge?

Bitcoin is your best inflation hedge, why you ask? Because there will never be more than 21Million bitcoins in existence, this makes it the hardest money out there. There are not much of other sustainable hedges, since everything else are correlated to the same old system so when it's falling they will probably fall all together, and everything else are simply distractions and noises. Bitcoin is the most immutable ledger of truth ever existed in the history of humanity. It is permission less, censorship resistant and inflation-proof. Now, this is not to say that you should put all your money into bitcoin without even really understanding it, no you should first start learning then take very small baby steps to learn as you go. 

To learn more about Bitcoin there are a lot more posts on this blog that answers a lot more questions about Bitcoin, please feel free to continue to explore more.

I am dedicating a lot of time and energy in researches to provide you all these information and knowledge.

My goal is to help as many people as I can crossing the bridge of understanding the Bitcoin saving

technology so they can protect themselves. If this post helped you in any shape or form and you would like

to support me you are welcome to contribute with as little as $0.5 to this bitcoin address below. But

most importantly please share this with your family and friends to help them out in understanding the

Bitcoin potential to save their lives.

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