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Why Bitcoin Mining Is Good For The Environment And Why It Needs To Project Much More Power To Burn Fiat Wastes

  For the past couple years there have been no shortages of false narratives and propagandized news articles and youtube videos against the Bitcoin process of securing itself. This is called "Mining" by some but is simply computers around the world protecting peoples money by preventing bad actors from stealing from them.

   It is important to look at Bitcoin mining more as the security of every individuals money on the network, so asking them to apologize for the energy use is like asking them to allow attackers to steal their money. And it is also crucial to understand that the level of energy required to secure the Bitcoin network would not be so high if they were not an ever growing amounts of attacks against its security. So Bitcoin security level or Hash Rate can be viewed as a counterattack of defense instead of an offense, because Bitcoin is just fighting for its survival in a world full of poisonous snakes.

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 Apparently, to some this is a very bad idea, allowing plebs(hard working individuals) to secure their life blood saving energy into something that cannot be debased or steal from them. But those same people are proposing proof of stake(More Stake More Power) as an alternative system to them regardless of all the harms this similar type and current PoS system has and currently causing to the planet, the environment and humanity as a whole.

First of all, Let's see how Bitcoin mining is doing good to the environment and our planet

  It is universal knowledge that we live in a finite planet 12,756 km of diameter and 5.97x10^24 kg of limited mass, therefore we cannot indefinitely expend on it. When central banks are printing unlimited amount of money to stimulate ever growing consuming economies they assume that we can grow forever on a finite planet. This is why we are fulling up our landfills to the max with all sorts of useless products, and also this is why most people are obese(expansion in our body). They want us to spend to support an inefficient economy that is destroying the planet. While they don't seem to realize that, and they are attacking Bitcoin which is the cure to the inflation disease they created in the first place. So by starving the fiat (inflationary) system Bitcoin is ultimately curing the planet and the environment. Because Bitcoin is the opposite of the inflationary system and it incentivizes saving and protection instead of spending and destruction, so no wars like: trade wars, currency wars, world wars, ..

 Many of those fiat excrements out there are too fiat blind to see the net positive benefit of Bitcoin to the environment and the planet and are not sober enough to see how harmful fiat is to the planet. Well, yes most of these energy Bitcoin uses will be harmful Methane gas from landfill generated by over consumed economies stimulated by fiat monies. So Bitcoin is not the cause of the issue here but the fix to the issue itself. Same thing is happening in the oil and gas industry that has an history of being massively subsidized by governments, but now Bitcoin security is paying them to take the gas that would have gone flaring/venting into the atmosphere.

   And most importantly, Bitcoin incentivizes efficient energy production on the energy market, which is great for humanity's prosperity and advancement. So in a Bitcoin standard energy will be cheaper and humanity will be more efficient. Remember, energy is all around us and all above us it's only a matter of finding the best strategy to extract it. 

 Second, let's look at why Bitcoin security needs to consume more energy to project a lot more power

   Bitcoin needs to consume much more energy so it can challenge inefficiencies on the market in other words to bankrupt the zombies and cleanup the messes. Expectably, we will see attackers coming against Bitcoin security from many different angles with all sorts of attack vectors like the mainstream propaganda machine, powerful/influential individuals like Elon Musk, Powerful Organizations, Central Bankers, Proof of stake crypto project leaders or crypto central bankers and more. They see Bitcoin as a threat because it prohibits anyone to steal to become richer and richer to the expense of the plebs(the hard working individuals).   The fiat scam system did a great job in creating a lot of multi-billionaires throughout its lifetime, in fact, the top one percenters own more wealth than the bottom 99 percent. So these people are extremely rich and they can afford to launch any expensive attacks against Bitcoin security(The plebs money) for that same reason we need the Bitcoin hash rate to go close to infinity. Because the higher the hash rate the less they can cheat and the more they are forced to show proof of work like the honest plebs do everyday they go to work. 



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