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How To Partially Live On Bitcoin: An Easy Roundabout Way

 The other day I got pumped after buying $2 of phone minutes using Bitcoin-lightning for a friend in Brazil on this amazing website called where it only costed me 7967Sats and 0 fee. [I want to mention that I am not being paid for commission by Bitrefill nor any other apps and services, but I give you a chance to support me using a lightning address somewhere here on this blog.] 

 Now, this transaction got me thinking deep about getting myself and friends ready to start living on Bitcoin where we can pay for goods or some services using Bitcoin(Sats) and the lightning network. 

I am already used to pay my friends in Bitcoin(Sats) and some of them seems to be getting it now, they are willing to hodl for the long run. But I also would like to make sure that they know they can use their bitcoin(Sats) in case of an emergency. 

My experience with Bitrefill so far is amazing, it gives you the opportunity to buy gift cards with your Sats(bitcoins) to purchase real stuff online on: amazon, ebay, phone refill, gaming, travel, etc. Or in your local community such as: walmart, grocery stores, pizzas, gas stations, cloths stores, coffee shops, home hardwares, etc. I think we need way more of these types of services like the one offered by Bitrefill. I am sure they are already few of these services out there already serving you as well such as, bolt card, etc. Please share more of them with me below if you like.

In conclusion, I am not advocating to overspend your Sats right now in stuff you don't need today so you can buy them Sats back in higher price later but, keep accumulating your Sats if this is what you want to do right now and wait to enjoy them Sats later when you are not able to make the same amount of money or simply when you are in need. My purpose in this post was to simply help the people who are looking for the option to spend their bitcoin(Sats) to find an easy roundabout way to do so.

If you find value in this please feel free to support me by lightning tip few sats to: or go to bitcoin-lightning tip me few Sats


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