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Mornings! Good Bitcoin Morning

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  Good morning everyone! I usually talk about Bitcoin(the money) on this blog[] but today is an unusual day where my work called me and ask me to stay home due to bad weather and job cancellations so I decided to bring a deferent vibe today. So I decided to talk about "mornings' today. Some mornings are beautiful on an observers perspectives like me because they are a reset on the brain and the beginning of a brand-new day, that's why we often say Good morning to everyone we interact with in the morning, this is an automatic way to salute but also serves as a positive vibe spreader. In Haiti there is a saying "Pi bonè se granm maten" translated to "The earliest you have to do something is in the morning", I often think about this when I want to get something done specially in todays fiat world we live in where everything is moving so fast to insure the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, I talked more about this in A world full of crazy rats working for fiat overlords, I am surprised I am still writing this and it's not already time to go to bed and get ready for work tomorrow. But thanks to Bitcoin I can now take my time to appreciate and degustate the beauty of the mornings, because Bitcoin allows me to lower my time preference in level that's low enough so I can see beyond the darkness of this world of wars, viruses, propagandas funded by fiat money printing. Speaking of darkness(Night) the thing that precedes Mornings, it's important to appreciate that too because even if we want to characterize it as the hard/bad times but there is lessons to be learned there for example there is another Haitian saying "Lè li fè pi nwa se lè sa li pral kòmanse fè jou" meaning "When it's the darkest that's when the morning will starts appearing". Now I would like to illustrate the current fiat world of deep darkness to the beautiful Bitcoin morning arising, it feels like midnight now, we are still far away from the Bitcoin morning lights but it keeps shining in places where it is(El Salvador) with full of energy, brightness, warmth, joy, excitements, etc. You are welcome to come to Bitcoin now where it shines the most by simply converting some of your time, savings and energy to it, bring your family and your friends with you and have a

Good Bitcoin Morning!


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