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How To Use Bitcoin Giga Savings tech to Make a Home downpayment

   Many people are trying really hard to save for a house downpayment so they can own their own home but unfortunately house prices keep going up keeping their savings below the 5% - 10% requirement from the banks. Often time these individuals are saving the money on a bank account yielding 0.1% interest rate, that's only $10 a year on $10,000 of saving. Meanwhile house prices are going up 10% a year on average. So a bank saving account clearly doesn't work. But what about other investment? 

   Well some people will go swim in the stock market for some stocks of which they don't fullly understand what the company really does or not knowing how to evaluate these companies that are more often zombie companies destroyimg capitals in virtue signaling projects that cannot be profitable without government money printing or handouts. Everytime you invest into a stock that you don't understand you're doing yourself a disfavor because you're more likely to sell that stock in the wrong time and some time you will sell at lost, which is not going to help you achieving your downpayment savings goal. What else left to try other than bank saving accounts and stocks?

    While this might sound a bit *stupid and risky but still, it could be your best fighting chance on reaching your goal of owning a home one day or even more than a home. You see, we didn't make the world this way we found it like that but that doesn't mean we need to always be a victim renter whose savings are depleting away due to the expansion of the money supply from the banks and central banks, it's a silent theft that most people aren't being aware of even the home owners themselves. They think their home is more valuable because they saw the price went up but no the real value of the house is going down because the house is getting older. Bitcoin is a real way to measure the true value of something, houses and everything else have being crashing against Bitcoin since its inception there is a reason for that. That's because it's the scarcest thing in our known universe a 21 Million hard cap limit that no one can create more of and it's anchored into our real world through physics and energy(mining).


   What does all that have to do with your home downpayment? Well one of the most important thing to know when you're saving for a home is its real rate of inflation if your saving isn't growing faster than the rate the house price you're still under water, that's why you need the fastest horse in the race (something like Bitcoin) that can drive your saving up passing the required amount. Obviously it takes time for Bitcoin to that for you and you first need to understand it very well before you even consider buying a single satoshi. You will find few educational articles in here on this blog or elsewhere. 

  In conclusion, don't waste your time saving your money on a bank account that will yield you nothing. If you want a solution for your house downpayment try something new like Bitcoin and be patient holding it for 5 to 10 years you could surprised what you will be able to buy with your bitcoin. Use this website to calculate the dollar cost averaging return overtime there I calculated buying $10 of Bitcoin every day for 5 years starting 5 years ago would have turned $18,270 into $65,006 (+255%).

If you find this post helpful please share with a friend or a family in desperate need of reaching their savings goals.


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