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 In case you find yourself losing sleep over your bitcoin transaction that's stuck for days in the mempool due to either a high fee rate environment or other circumstances, here are two practically easy things you can do to solve your problem

1. Replace by fee(rbf), if you are the sender, 

2. Child pay for parent(cpfp), if you are the receiv

  To use number one: replace by fee(rbf), you simply need to go on the transaction and replace it using the bomp the fee feature(in some wallets), make sure the new fee is higher this time so miners can be willing to process the transaction faster for you. but what if your wallet software does not support rbf? this is where the second solution comes in, cpfp(child pay for paren

 To use cpfp, you need to be the receiver of the tx. the step is also simple just send the unconfirmed amount that is stuck to an address you the receiver fully control with a higher fee rate that miners will be willing to confirm the first stuck transaction and then confirm the second you are about to create. reason being is miners cannot confirm the fresh(second) tx without confirming the previous one(fisrt), so if the second tx's fee is that attractive to miners they cannot resist other than process both transactions to get the sat

  I hope this saved you some spleep! feel free to zap me sats at ! :)s.t)eror:  


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