How To Survive The Bitcoin Winter

   The term "winter" in the context of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin refers to a period of significant price decline and market downturn, similar to the season of winter. It is often used to describe a period of hardship and slowdown in the market.  In this context, "crypto winter" or "Bitcoin winter" refers to a prolonged period of low prices, low trading volume, and reduced market activity in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency space.

   If you are new to Bitcoin or cypto it can be can very hard to get used to the fiat price volatility(or distractions). Until you get to the point where you understand that Bitcoin is absolute scarcity and everything else fall against it, you may struggle with its massive price swings.

   Many people will start off buying crypto thinking they are faster and have better return potential than Bitcoin, until the bear market shows up then some of these people will become more humble by going Bitcoin only. The same thing happened to me so just like every body else I got Bitcoin at the price I deserved. But what happen after you get Bitcoin is often a price downfall, this what I will help mitigate today. To be brief these are some of the key things to remimber doing if you want to survive a the Bitcoin winter:

0. (Joke aside) Go to coma for five to ten years, 1 bitcoin will still be 1 bitcoin.

1. *Hold on tight*: If you believe in the long-term potential of Bitcoin, just hold onto your money and wait for the market to recover.

2. *Educate yourself on Bitcoin*: increase your understanding of Bitcoin by listening to Bitcoin podcasts, listening to books like "The Bitcoin Standard". There are many good Bitcoin only content creators who will help you navigate through the winter waves.

3. *Don't panic sell*: Avoid selling during a downturn, as this can lead to significant losses. That's why it is very important to understand what you hold. 

4. *Stay up to date on new things*: in Bitcoin we simply Hodl but sometimes you may want to update your key security practices to a higher level such as multisig, family inheritant planning, etc.

5. *Consider dollar-cost averaging*: Invest a fixed amount of money at regular intervals, regardless of the price. This is a great way to beat the volatility waves.

6. *Stay calm and patient*: Remember that markets are cyclical, and the winter will eventually pass, and Bitcoin is infinty divide by 21Million.

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I Might Have Convinced My Boss To Buy Bitcoin

After 2 months I told my boss at work "to study Bitcoin", today he came to ask me more questions, it seems like he is interested to know more.

I told him to sell one of his trucks and buy Bitcoin with the money and save it for 10 years + for his family and children.

He sat and thought. I said Bitcoin is security and financial insurance for the future.

He asked me "what about the other Cryptos, what do I think?" I tell him that Bitcoin is the only thing I recommend to someone, everything else that is not Bitcoin is a scam.

I do this almost every day, I help people save their families with Bitcoin. When I tell you to buy Bitcoin it is a sign that I want to see good for you and your family.

If you work somewhere try to help the owner of the company buy Bitcoin, because the more financially secure they are, the more work is guaranteed for you long term.

If you know someone who has a business help them understand Bitcoin.

Be prepared for people who will ridicule you, because many people have a stigma about Bitcoin. But if they are interested, you will succeed in helping the person. Don't waste your time on people who aren't interested, focus on who need to learn Bitcoin 🙏🏽


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