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How to accept bitcoin payments in your business

   It's a great idea to accept bitcoin payments in your business as it is the fastest growing economy online and set to be the future of money as we know it. When you accept bitcoin for payments not only you save on transaction fees(2% visa charges) but you're safe from charge backs, and most importantly the value of your money is not debasing over time, so you can focus more on your business not worrying about getting stolen from through inflation or other types of confiscation. Accepting bitcoin helps you attract a whole new set of customers that wouldn't be possible otherwise "bitcoiners", these people are really enthusiastic about Bitcoin and they will fly from miles away to come spend their Sats in your business just to support you. Enough of rambling lets go learn how to receive some Sats money.

  There are three ways you can go with this: 

  1. The first way is for Physical location businesses, if you want to receive bitcoin you can simply use any bitcoin wallet like: blink walletWalletofSatoshi or the Phoenix Wallet just put up your sign "bitcoin accepted here" and start stacking Sats for your business

  2. Second one is for online businesses, there are few services online that help you plugin Bitcoin payments on your website first one is BTCpay server which is basically a free and open source software that you can use. It's a little bit more technical but with a bit of help and some time put into it you will get it all setup, find their API here for ecommerce integrations.

  3. Other option for online businesses, if you're okay paying  $25/month for a white gloves service that handle the complexity for you then go to Zaprite they will take care of you.

In conclusion, there are a lot to gain when you integrate Bitcoin for payment in your business, since Bitcoin is both a payment network and a monetary network built for the digital age. There will ever be only 21Million bitcoins in existence and it takes time, proof of work and energy to get them out of the mathematical ground, in contrast to fiat currencies that are easy to create and almost impossible to know how much of these things are out there, so if you value your business and you want to stay in business for long then adopting a Bitcoin strategy like payment is not a bad idea. 

If you find tremendous value into this please consider support my work here, Thank you!


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