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How to Create Your Own Lightning Address to Receive or Send bitcoin(Sats) online or To Get Zaps on Nostr KYC-Free and Even on Your Own Blog

  Did you ever want to experience what it is like receiving micro-payments or tips for your contents, interactions or goods and services online or even in person frictionless with no middleman between you and your peers to take a cut? Well you are in the right place. These kinds of payments were impossible before bitcoin and the lightning network built on top. 

  Today we are going to learn how to setup a "lightning address" (or @LN address) using WalletofSatoshi, for inside the US you have a hard time finding WalletofSatoshi, use one of these services instead  from lightningaddress.comthe simple steps are as follow:

  1. Go install the app at:

  2. You will automatically receive an adress that you can change you own prefered username before the @.

  3. But first you will need to register your account using an email address, I suggest using an email defrent from your private mainly used email, just for your privacy.

  4. Go to your email copy the link Walletofsatoshi sent you and go to the app. You may need to use the given address for a while before you can get your personal one, but still you have an @LN address now you can use to receive payments.

   You can use that address to receive Sats tips on any social media platform, on Nostr and on your blog/website as well, I show you how to do that seamlessly here.

 If you find tremendous value into this please support my work here, Thank you!


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