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The Money Super Highway Moving At The Speed Of Light To Become The Predominant Payment And Energy Network In The World


What Set out to be a peer-to-peer electronic cash system for online payments is now becoming the  predominant way to perform large size transactions in the world. Five years ago It used to be a big deal to see a million dollar(us) of Bitcoin moved across the network but these days this seems to happen way more often than not. As Satoshi predicted: 
 Bitcoin is only 15 years old but yet this was a response to the fear of block rewards not being high enough to pay miners to secure the network, but already today Satoshi seems to be on the path to be proving right because these years the average transactions per block is close to 3k tx with an average transaction amount of $30k equal to a $90Million/block in average, which means a lot of demand for block space and large size transactions which ultimately leads to bigger tx fees for miners, so even if the average tx is 10,000Sats/tx this is a 30Million Sats per block in average so $10k/block in only fees not including the block subsidy and the price appreciation over the long term. But why is Bitcoin setting out to become the predominant payment network in the world?

Bitcoin The Money Transfer Network
 Ultimately, Bitcoin is just a superior payment network compare to any other payment network available out-there. Some of the most important Bitcoin features that makes it better are: censorship resistant, so nobody can stop anybody in the world from transacting any amount of money(BTC) during anytime of the day to any place in the world, so no permission is required to use the bathroom in this house. Only these features alone are enough to make it the preferred payment network in the world, Bitcoin also has the lightning network that helps it go farther, this is for smaller amounts of BTC(Sats) transfers, it allows you to pay for things like a coffee, grocery bills, online shopping, donations, etc. You can imagine Bitcoin as a shiny city that powers itself it has a highway(the Timechain, Base Layer1) where mostly all the transport trucks passes with big loads and the local routes(Lightning, layer2) where the cars and bicycles pass. The city powers itself because bitcoin(BTC or Sats) is also the fuel that powers the network, as Der Gigi would say "Bitcoin is the map and the territory". Speaking of territory, most payment network are limited to certain regions or borders Bitcoin is limitless and borderless it will flow anywhere that there is a thirst for money transfers or payments. 

Even though, Bitcoin is still a small independent economy out-there of just $700billion market cap but it is quietly growing exponentially, it's market cap was only $70Billion just 5 years ago. But the most under rated feature of Bitcoin-the-energy-network is it's ability to transfer energy across the world from one party to another. 

Bitcoin The Energy Transfer Network
Imagine being a country that's rich in Volcano Energy but poor in petroleum(Crude oil) Energy or lacks the infrastructure to extract oil under the ground, you can now go to the Bitcoin Mining Network sell your Volcano Energy and use that BTC mined to purchase Oil you need from the country that produce it, and vice versa, you also can sell your oil on the Bitcoin mining network to purchase Uranium(nuclear energy) you need to power your electrical grid. No other Network in world provides that service. Side note, as I am writing I will admit that it also blows my mind as I never thought of Bitcoin like that before too. But this is really the kinds of flexibility and solutions Bitcoin provides that reinforce its superiority over fiat, cypto, gold or anything else combined, because Bitcoin is also an Energy reservoir that never leak energy.
On twitter(x) I wrote, Bitcoin is a leakproof reservoir powerful enough to maintain a 21Million measuring stick hard cap and infinitely deep enough to preserve all the energy this civilization can ever produce at its maximum best capacity for today and forever, for the first time in history humans can now preserve their work, time and energy for an eternity.

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