Find yourself in a lost world of lies and fakeness "from a bitcoin pleb perspective"



The world around me is becoming more and more unreal. Everything is fake, the money is fake which ultimately faked the food that also faked the people. 
We live a world run by fake money, advertisements, propagandas, manipulation and lies. Now I tend to believe that the root cause of all these is the fiat money but my focus today is on how to skip this world while we still live in it.
You see, the problem is because we let ourselves being used and abused by the system. Imagine not using: their fiat money, their fake schools, their fiat foods, their fiat contents, not listening to their fake news, not participating in the fiat selections"elections" and so on. I understand those are very hard things to do specially when you are already deeply indoctrinated by the system, those ideas sounds so crazy to you that you even find them unfair, but in contrast to losing our whole self I think it might worth it.

Imagine being a youtuber, there is nothing wrong in creating contents for people to enjoy but the incentives are misaligned. Youtube is not incentivized to let you be who you are but they want you to obay to a set of rules that they just made up based on what their advertisers want, for example you may not do good on their platform if you go against the narratives or what the algorithm wants. So you are still forced to push their propagandas regardless you are for or against them. This is why I used a provocative term to describe some content creators"fiat excrements".
Now imagine you as a viewer, you might think those free contents are made in good faith but in contrary, they are there to influence your behavior and make you buy on all sorts of wasteful products. That's the fiat world.

It is not surprising that I feel so lost some time it is because of these automated manipulations. So in order to find myself I will need to start cutting off myself from these consumptions, like using less algorithmic products such as contents, using less google products as much as I possibly can since they are designed to harvest everything inside my brain, use less social media like: twitter, tiktok, facebook, instagram and so on. And instead, go out in nature more, be in contact with real people in the real world. 
One of the reason why people feel the need to be constantly hookup to these social media  and government services is because we think we may get something more in ''fiat'' return, like fake likes, friends with interest, followers, status, fiat jobs, etc. But the truth is most of these things are not really necessary. 

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