I Might Have Convinced My Boss To Buy Bitcoin

After 2 months I told my boss at work "to study Bitcoin", today he came to ask me more questions, it seems like he is interested to know more.

I told him to sell one of his trucks and buy Bitcoin with the money and save it for 10 years + for his family and children.

He sat and thought. I said Bitcoin is security and financial insurance for the future.

He asked me "what about the other Cryptos, what do I think?" I tell him that Bitcoin is the only thing I recommend to someone, everything else that is not Bitcoin is a scam.

I do this almost every day, I help people save their families with Bitcoin. When I tell you to buy Bitcoin it is a sign that I want to see good for you and your family.

If you work somewhere try to help the owner of the company buy Bitcoin, because the more financially secure they are, the more work is guaranteed for you long term.

If you know someone who has a business help them understand Bitcoin.

Be prepared for people who will ridicule you, because many people have a stigma about Bitcoin. But if they are interested, you will succeed in helping the person. Don't waste your time on people who aren't interested, focus on who need to learn Bitcoin 🙏🏽


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