Why Bitcoin is a better investment than real estate

     Many people buy houses as an investment strategy to protect their money against inflation or to simply benefit from their upside potencial denominated in the local currency.

   While that strategy might seem to be working in the short term it has it's own downfalls and it's own potencial damages to society. The problem starts with the money losing value overtime due to its abundance or the degree it is being printed out of nothing. This causes people to monetize everything else that was not money, spacially things that are relatively scarce and hard to make more of rapidly. 

   This explains why more people are considering things like houses as a mean to save regardless of how inefficient it is as a saving vehicle. Houses are physical therefore they are subject to decay and damages overtime that often cost a lot of money for repair in order to make them livable. That's why houses cannot be more valueble overtime in real term but, only appear to be going up in the failling currencies they are denominated into.

    Not only your money in your secomd property is not going up fast enough to keep up with the real inflation rate in your local currency but it's also affecting your community in negative ways you couldn't imagine. There is a limited amount of homes in a city/town and when multiple people are accumulating multiple houses as investment vehicles fewer people can afford to buy a house to call their own therefore less pride of ownership in the city, you end-up in a feudalistic system of land-lords or a society of renters. Ofcourse the house owners are not wrong they deserve to own their properties and the all profits coming from them, the problem is the "money" that's being devalued due to it's expension by the banks and central bank.

   Bitcoin is a fix to that specific problem of infinite money printing and it gives you back your property right to save in a money that does not steal from you. If you fix the money then you will fix the world, at least that's the promess of Bitcoin. If you denominate your second house into Bitcoin you will find out that it's crashing in value against bitcoin in an alarming rate, that's because Bitcoin is real money, it has a limited supply of 21 million and expensive to be mined. Here are some facts: Bitcoin's 10-year return on investment (ROI) is 2,546.8% ¹. Here are some key points to know about Bitcoin's ROI in different timeframes:

- 10 years: 2,546.8% ROI ¹

- Five years: 294.1% ROI ¹

- Three years: 160.6% ROI ¹

- One year: 29.54% ROI ¹

- Bitcoin's average annual return from 2010 to 2022 was 1,576% 

   In conclusion, Bitcoin is just better for you if you have any significant amount of money that you want to preserve for the long term. Houses are subject to rent control, taxes, seizure or asset forfeiture, expensive repairs or maintenace, meanwhile Bitcoin is maintenance-free you just set it and forget it for five to 20 years and never have to worry about your insurance company not willing to pay for damages done on your property. Owning Bitcoin is like owning the insurance itself without having to take another loan to do renovations that would enslave you even more to the bankers.

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